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Home Alone Christmas Party Ambience | Christmas Music From Another Room

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Enjoy this jazzy Christmas music from another room playlist. This Christmas party ambience was inspired by the classic 90s film Home Alone. Kevin McCallister's got some rockin’ Christmas tunes playing and…are those party guests?? Are his parents back from Paris? Let this nostalgic ambience from your favorite 90s Christmas movie bring a smile to your face. The instrumental Christmas jazz music is muffled as if you are outside the house or in another room; this creates a festive, cheerful backdrop ambiance for studying, reading, decorating, or relaxing at home. This relaxation video is 4 hours long for uninterrupted studying, sleeping, or throwing a Christmas party of your own. See the original scene that inspired this: 🎧 Playlists: Christmas Music from Another Room: Christmas: ------------- 🦉👋 Hello! Want to support me? I put over 100 hours of work (and love) into creating this ambience video (original artwork, animations, soundscape mix) to ensure the highest quality I am capable of. It is a labor of love but if you enjoy my work and art please consider supporting in one of these ways: ☕💵 DONATE: Want to buy me a coffee? 👕 STORE (original designs by me): ------------- 🦉🌿 Calmed By Nature creates audiovisual experiences for quality sleep, deeper focus, and calming relaxation. From beautiful natural landscapes to magical cozy spaces, our videos will transport you to a variety of creative locations to stimulate your senses and ease your mind. 👉 Subscribe for new videos: ©️ Created by Calmed by Nature 2020. Reuse of audio/video not permitted. ------------- Attributions: Special thanks to Alex Fink for playing sax on the first track "Kevin's Christmas Party"

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